Franchise Oppotunities

If you are looking to own your own business the B and G Milkyway may be the answer. Our first franchise opened in 2001. All of our franchises have been incredibly successful. They provide our franchisees with a fast- paced, exciting work place, great incomes, stability, and so much more.

For most people, owning their own business is an unattainable dream. And, owning their own franchise is out of the question. Most franchises cost upwards of a million dollars or even more to get started. For most people, this is simply not feasible.

But not at the B and G Milkyway. Our business model is designed for those who are highly motivated but don’t have financial resources required by other franchisers. These are some of the requirements needed:

  1. Be highly motivated. As we are a seasonal business, we sometimes have to put in long days. You will need to be involved in the daily operations of your business. Hiring, training, inventory, scheduling, and working “on the line,” are just a few of the duties you will perform almost daily.
  2. Manage people well. Depending upon your location and the success of your business you will employ up to 40 people. These people will need to operate at the best of their capability. You will be responsible to get them there.
  3. Provide exceptional customer service. We take our motto, “Good food served by good people,” very seriously. Our business has been built on providing great customer service. We often have several people in line to get our products, as well as several cars backed up in our drive thru lane. You and your staff will need to operate at a fast pace and have the ability to get the orders made correctly, all while having a smile on your face.

So How do I get Started?

You will need to provide us the following:

  1. A full credit report.
  2. A letter from your bank stating your ability to obtain a loan. This amount will range from $130,000 to $600,000. If you desire to own the property and building, your startup costs will be more. If it is decided we will purchase the land and put up a building, your costs will be much less.
  3. Basic business plan. This should include: A. The location you wish to operate your business. B. Your goals and how you will reach them. C. How you will market your business. D. What personal you will have on location.

After you are able to put this information together, contact us at We will review your information and begin the process! It’s that simple.